Article Title (update in October,2020)

New guidelines (Structure Abstract)

 Structure Abstract (maximum 250 words in the topics bellow)

 Purpose – (What is the purpose of the study, what dos it intend to demonstrate or describe? This should be written succinctly, it might be eventually necessary to refer briefly to a context.)

 Theoretical framework – (What is the theoretical lens / theoretical basis used to support the research?).

 Design/methodology/approach (What is the method of study? Enter the method used, the form of data and sample collection. If it is a theoretical essay, what is the approach adopted.)

 Findings (What are the main results? What are the conclusions from the results?)

 Research, Practical & Social implications – (Does the study have theoretical implications and limitations? What are the practical implications? What are the possible social impacts?)

  Originality/value (What are the study’s main contributions? Contributions to the advancement of the Theory of Administration or Accounting.) 

  Keywords - (Authors should provide appropriate and short keywords that encapsulate the principal topics of the paper. The maximum number of keywords is 5.)