Stakeholder management in construction projects: a study of the relationship between stakeholder type, value and performance indicators




Gerenciamento de Projetos, Análise Bibliométrica, Stakeholders, Construção, Valor, Indicadores de desempenho


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to investigate the key issues of stakeholder management in construction projects, studying the relationship between stakeholder type, value and performance indicators.
Methodology: The research method adopted was a literature review, using bibliometrics and content analysis techniques. For data analysis, after coding and tabulation for an analysis of co-citation and keywords, the data were entered into the VOS Viewer, and statistical data and graphics.
Findings: The results emphasize the role of general contractors and subcontractors as key stakeholders. The analysis shows that the literature emphasizes the role of general contractors (GC) and subcontractors (SC), with an emphasis on themes related to stakeholder management processes. The focus is on economic value (EC) and indicators associated with (SRB), stakeholder support for the project (SSP) and success factors (SF).
Value: The study contributes to the literature by providing and comparing the different concepts of how stakeholder management is applied in construction projects; the impact of publications is measured along with the most influential authors; a growing trend of interest is identified in the subject historically, and as a consequence, emerging research subjects are listed in the areas of its application studied. From a bibliometric analysis, the authors contributed new insights for stakeholder management in project management under construction for future research. The themes related to stakeholder management processes are highlighted, focusing on the economic value and indicators associated with the relational stakeholder benefits , the support of stakeholders to the project and the success factors.
Keywords: Project Management, Bibliometric Analysis, Stakeholders, Construction, Indicators.


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