Factors influencing the return of batteries and post-consumer batteries through reverse logistics: application of a conceptual model

Jade Siqueira Mendes Ambrozi, Alexandre Borges Fagundes, Delcio Pereira, Moacyr Carlos Possan Junior, Fernanda Hänsch Beuren, Luciana Rosa Leite


Large-scale production of goods has been growing sharply as a result of the urban lifestyle. As a result of this consumption, around 44 million tons of electrical and electronic waste was registered in 2016 worldwide, with an increase of 8% since 2014. In order to minimize this problem, in this research we studied the relevance of variables that can influence the return of batteries and post-consumer batteries through Reverse Logistics. To identify them, a conceptual model based on the literature was used, considering: aspects inherent to the useful life of the products; effective compliance with environmental standards; consumer behavioral issues; and management of the reverse logistics system. The survey was validated by experts and the results obtained were quantified using statistical methods, to provide a broad and concrete view of opinions individually and jointly. In this way, this research brought as contribution new factors that influence the return of batteries and post-consumption batteries, in addition to the possible interrelationships between them, promoting scientific advancement to the study area within business logistics.


Logística Reversa; Fatores de Influência; Pilhas e Baterias Pós-Consumo; Cumprimento Efetivo de Normas Ambientais; Gestão do Sistema de Logística Reversa; Questões Comportamentais dos Consumidores

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15675/gepros.v15i3.2643


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